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Welcome to the section on back massage videos, you will find numerous techniques to give a soothing and healing back massage. In some areas of the full body massage video for your convinience and so that you can learn at your own space we will present first a series of short clips most of them containing from one to three techniques so that you can concentrate better and take one step at the time. In the second choice 'the long sessions' you can follow longer clips with a succession of numerous techniques that you can practice without interruption. Many of these video clips present the massage techniques contained in the book 'The healing touch of massage' also known in the UK as 'Massage and bodywork for health' by Carlo De Paoli and they give the chapter and page number a great bonus for the owners of this book. Click on the pics to go the relevant section.

NEW - We have added a new series of back massage clips this time performed on a massage table and also a series on relaxing back massage on table. Don't forget to watch my two new videos on 'advice to massage therapists', the link is at the bottom of the page and it contains important guidlines on how to give a good massage.