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videos and problem solving with passwords, unzipping and downloading
If you read the instructions that you receive with the confirmation email of your order most probably you will never have a problem downloading and viewing our material. However some people might misspell passwords or not have the right software installed, in that case we are happy to assist you. You will find most of the information you need to solve any difficulties you might encounter on this page. If you still you need personal assistance use the email address at the bottom of this page and we will give you the assistance you need. Make sure that you describe in detail the problem.

We recommend that when you view the videos you go to 'skin chooser' in your windows media player and choose the compact mode. It will give you visualy a better viewing experience. You can also download the latest version of windows player version 10, it has superior sound and video quality. Once you have installed version 10 go to 'view' --> 'skin chooser' and select '9default series' and then 'apply skin'. To download click here

I have downloaded the ebooks or videos and when I click on them nothing happens or I see icons that I don't understand or cannot read

Most downloaded items on the net have been zipped to compress them and 99% of pc's these days have an unzip utility in them. If you don't have an unzip programme you can download one for free by clicking here. To unzip the file you can right click on it and then select 'extract to' and choose a place on your pc you want to store it. Picozip will unzip it into a wmv (windows media file) which you can view with your media player.

If you have a problem with this method you can also launch picozip and then go to 'file', then 'open', choose the downloaded zip file and then choose 'extract'.

I click on the links to download the items I have purchased but nothing happens

Sometimes you need to either left click or right click and 'save target as' a few times before your pc and network responds. Occasionally your email box might truncate the download url. What we mean is this: When you receive a download address it will look like this: http://www.wingsofknowledge/downloads/massage-video.wmv , but in some instances your email box might cut it or truncate it to this:
As you can see you will be clicking on an incomplete url. from www. to /downloads/ and therefore you will not be able to download the items. Make sure that you copy the full url and then paste it on your browser and press enter.

The download starts but then it stops and I have to start all over again

Sometimes the internet gets cloagged with traffic and downloads can stop half way through. To help this download and all future downloads we strongly advice that you download the free software 'download express'. It is a great program and even if your download stops it can restart exactly from the point it stopped before. Click the link:

I am unable to make the password work

Copy and paste both login and password without leaving a space on the left indent. . Do not have your caps keys on, the password is case sensitive. Some people tend to keep on misspelling their password therefore do not write them PLEASE just copy and paste them.

Viewing the videos

Most of you will probably be familiar with windows media player and viewing videos with it. If you are new to wmp just be a little patient and take time to explore it and learn it, you will be glad you did.

You can start any of the video clips just by double clicking on it. This should launch your installed media player, if you don't have it you can download it for free by
clicking here. You can also launch the media player and go to file, open and then choose the video clip.

* The sound volume and quality does not just depends on the volume slider on your media player. It depends far more on the control volume panel of your pc where you can control such settings as wav, cd volume and more, play with this volume control panel till you achieve the desired quality.

* The video size is 352 + 288 pixels which is adequate for viewing purposes. This is the size option on your media player shown as 100%. You can choose a bigger size like 200% but as you are blowing the image there will be a slight drop in picture quality. It is your choice between size and quality of the video.

* The slider on your media player can take you to any point of the video you want to view and it also shows the time of the location i.e. If you want to view a part that starts 10 minutes within the video it is very easy with the slider to locate this point each time you launch the media player. Remember though to use the slider slowly and gently othersise you will confuse the software and your pc!

* These video clips have worked with no problems in most computers, however every pc is a universe of its own! Therefore you are installing or using these videos entirely at your risk and we cannot accept any responsibility for any problems on your pc that you might attribute to our videos. Also we cannot offer support if you have a problem with your media player, please contact the supplier's company.

Have a happy and fruitful learning and keep on smiling :)

If you still have a problem you can email us and we will be glad to help you